Who is BestToys916 ?

January 31, 2018

 Hello Friends,

My Name is David and i am the owner and founder of BestToys916 . I started BestToys916 As A Free Trial, at home from my full time job sick with the flu. I started looking in to different ideas to work from home and start your own business. I have always enjoyed the thought of being your own boss and making your own schedule so I started a toy store. I have learned very quickly that toys are not the best merchandise to try and sell, especially online. Competing with giants already in the market with giant price discounts in place has proven to be a struggle to say the least. That is fine with me i did not start this business to get rich i started this business to try and provide quality toys that kids that really enjoy them. I myself really enjoy toys still even at my age they fascinate me and i still like to look at them and think what i could do to make them better. I enjoy racing my R.C. truck and driving my Jeep. Maybe someday i will be in a position to make my own line of toys where i could implement some of these ideas i believe kids would really enjoy.

 I have involved my daughter recently and hope one day maybe to be able to pass this down to her. She is very excited, enthusiastic and a huge inspiration for everything I do. When she is not so busy with school i am excited to show her more of what owning a business entails, and all the exciting ways of doing what you Love that are possible. Even though this first 2 months have been an expensive journey it is an exciting time for us and we hope someday to have a great reputation for providing awesome service and top quality merchandise.

  So Our Goal is to provide hands on quality toys and apparel that kids really do love and really enjoy having and they will enjoy taking care of for a long time and maybe even pass some toys or collections down to their children. Toys that inspire innovation and imagination, and have a quality that will help them last longer and be entertaining for years.

 I hope our hard work pays off and everyone of our customers find what they are looking for and receives top notch customer service. If you need anything or have any questions or comments please feel free to email us besttoys916@gmail.com and we will be happy to talk.


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